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Help Desk Support Software

 Thousands of employees globally are using Mihi to communicate with their HR teams, getting faster response and resolution via the online helpdesk. With our cloud-based model you can scale and tailor your HR helpdesk when and how you need.


The Power of Self Service

Mihi’s request management and self-service portal allows employees to easily log tickets and escalate cases while HR can setup prioritization rules and workflows to ensure all requests are routed accurately and managed promptly. Mihi’s help Center also give employees a centralized online location for information on insurance, benefits, and other policies.

The Perfect Toolkit

Mihi’s range of capabilities and a highly customizable backend means HR teams have access to a range of features to facilitate and track communication with their workforce. Some of the features include email ticketing, web-to-ticket form, task assignment and prioritization, support for multiple languages and time zones.

Data That Improves Business

With Mihi’s powerful analytics, you can track the volume of employee requests, what type of requests are more common, and how quickly issues are resolved. HR teams can view data or trend analysis globally, by country, or get granular details on a specific location.
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