Employee Benefits Software

Employee Benefits Enrollment Software

Insurance, non-insurance benefits, and expense reimbursement for all your countries of operation in one flexible, user-friendly platform.


Improve Enrollment

Eliminate tedious paper work with Mihi’s cloud-based enrollment and administration. Highly secure self-service features empower employees to keep their personal data up-to-date, access policies, confirm eligibility, and make benefits elections or file expenses at their own convenience. The system automatically prevents policy violations with built-in check points and alerts for managers.

Easier Administration

Easily setup workflows online or work with our technology team to customize them for each country and local jurisdiction. Centralize all documents, employee handbooks, FAQs, forms, and templates for quick access and version control.

Better Compliance

Mihi ensures automatic compliance by pre-configuring the statutory and non-statutory requirements based on your specific situation. Our technology is backed by full HR support. We navigate the ins and outs of local laws for you, help you procure the benefits, or audit your current plan and advise you on compliance risk.
Employee Benefits Administration Software

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